Increase revenues for branded properties and products through emotionally-engaging experiences that are inherently social, not just on social networks.

We have worked with some of the world's most popular brands

View our results at some of the largest distributors

Partner with an energetic team of MIT engineers and seasoned media experts

Create new digital revenue streams

Unlike five years ago, popular and up-and-coming entertainment properties are now able to tap into new online markets. Gramify engineers websites, Facebook apps, and iPhone apps that give fans the opportunity to purchase personalized audio content that features the world's favorite entertainment personalities.

Increase sales for existing products

Looking to give your sales a lift? Refresh how customers see and talk about your products and service. Gramify creates unique gift-with-purchase programs that create buzz around licensed merchandise and enhance how consumers talk to their friends about your products.

Deepen your fan engagement

Fans have never been hungrier for personal interaction. Gramify enables the world's most popular characters to say personalized messages to fans. Fans shouldn't be limited to experiencing their favorite personalities through two-dimensional screens. Stars have something to say and should be friends in our everyday life.

Go beyond a Facebook presence

Through experiences that are inherently social, your core fan base can help you develop casual fans who currently know nothing about your brands. Gramify creates online marketing campaigns for companies who understand that it's not just about having content on social networks, it's about your content's viral coefficient.